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The desire to balance fashion, comfort and practicality while traveling is an endless struggle for women. And, nowhere is this more evident than the shoes we pack for our travels. Depending on where you’re headed and what activities you’re participating in, it’s not unrealistic to want at least one pair of heels in your bag. Whether you're planning a romantic evening in a swanky Paris restaurant or just want to feel good when you're dancing through the clubs of Rio, a great pair of heels can complete an outfit.

There are, however, some destinations that are certainly challenging when it comes to heels – think historic cobblestone sidewalks in various European cities. If you’re hoping to pack a pair of heels on your next vacation, here’s a look at five comfortable ones that are perfect for travel.

Harper Ankle Strap Heels

You can’t go wrong with a nice strappy low and chunky heel that is perfect for day or night use.  The Harper Ankle Strap Heels have a slender toe strap and peep toe. The ankle strap is adjustable, which is much needed if you are prone to swelling after a long plane ride. The insole is cushioned to help keep you on your feet all evening.

There are multiple colors available, including black and a fun leopard print. If you’re vegan, or just morally opposed to wearing leather shoes, these are a great pick. They are all man-made materials, and the suede is even made with vegan-friendly materials.

Trinidad Lace-Up Heels

If you love the Harper Ankle Strap Heels, but are hesitant to pack an ankle strap shoe in case of fluid retention, the Trinidad Lace Up Heels are a great alternative. These are also made with man-made vegan-friendly materials and come in four colors — black suede, tan, orchid suede and blue suede.

You can really customize this heel given the lace-up strap. Lacing it up higher can elongate your leg or keep it low and simple to hide swollen ankles. The lightly cushioned insole will help if you need to be on your feet for a long time in these.

Braley Perf

The Braley Perf shoe from Johnston & Murphy is another ideal travel option that can handle double duty for day and night wear. It has a cute perforated-motif style with a peep toe and ankle-strap wedge, and comes with a cushioned footbed and sheepskin lining. The rubber sole cuts down on weight, making it a luggage-friendly shoe. Braley Perf comes in three colors — black, saddle tan and a stylish pewter metallic suede.

Clara Platform Mules

If you’re a fan of platforms but don’t want something that might create a risk of twisting your ankle, consider the Clara Platform Mules. These chic platforms have a 3.25” block heel and 1.25” toe platform. This trendy option has two straps over your foot, but no ankle strap to confine you. These heels have a cushioned insole and slip on and off, so if you want to wear them on your flight, they are easy to remove for TSA security checkpoints.

The Clara Platform Mules are also made with all man-made vegan-friendly materials. They come in three colors — black suede, nude suede and a bold red suede. If you want to make a statement when you walk in a room, you definitely won’t be overlooked with these gorgeous heels.  

Callen Pointed Toe Pumps

Finding comfortable and travel-friendly pumps is one of the biggest shoe dilemmas. If you opt for thin and spiky options, it’s easy to destroy them — and your ankle — with one wrong step on a centuries-old cobblestone sidewalk. If you’re traveling for work, finding a comfortable pair of conservative pumps can definitely be an even bigger challenge.

The Callen Pointed Toe Pumps only come in black and have a 3.5” wrapped block heel and are made from a vegan-friendly, man-made material. It’s a stylish yet classic design that is neutral enough for conservative work environments.

Chunkier heels are easier to walk in if you’re wearing pumps from your hotel to the public transport stations to get to your office or meetings. In addition, chunky heels tend to be a safer option. Since they have more surface area, they distribute your weight more evenly. This makes your feet feel more stable when you’re walking. Thick heels can still add stress on the ball of your feet, but the tradeoff is reducing your risk of tripping.

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