5 Athleisure Pieces You Need When You Travel

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Whether you believe leggings are pants or not, one thing is for sure - athleisure is here to stay. And we're not complaining. How else do you expect us to stay comfortable, warm, and stylish during those long travel days?

We teamed up with YogaClub to break down the 5 athleisure pieces you need when you travel. Plus, we even snagged you a discount on YogaClub's monthly subscription - because who doesn't love discounts on cute clothes delivered right to your door? Sign up here and use the promo code DISCOVERER30 for $30 off your first box.

From curling up on a 10-hour flight, to staying comfortable while trekking from monument to monument, or actually signing up for a yoga class in a new city, these 5 athleisure pieces should always be in your travel bag.

1. Leggings

You don't want your circulation cutting off when you're 30,000 feet in the air. For those long flights, a pair of flexible and stylish leggings are just what you need to stay comfortable. What's great about leggings from Free People or Niyama Sol is that you can wear them straight off the plane and into the city. Pair with a cute top and fun sneakers and you can go from the airport to the museum without stopping by the hotel to change.

2. Sports Bra

Whether you're hiking through the Dolomites or strolling the streets of Rome in the summer, a sports bra will keep you in extreme comfort all day. Sturdy and supportive, with no wires poking you in the chest, it's always a good idea to have at least one sports bra in your luggage. Check out Glyder for great styles and colors that will pair with any outfit. Plus, they lay flat, making them easy to pack in a carry on.

3. Sweater/Jacket

What sets yoga jackets and sweaters apart from other top layers is that they're usually made from a more lightweight, stretchy material that doesn't wrinkle easily. That means you can ball up this sweater in the bottom of your day pack. It may not be the equivalent of a thick coat or rain jacket, but when you transition from a warm day to a chilly night, it might be just what you need to stop from breaking out in goosebumps.

4. Muscle Tank

Muscle tanks are back in style, and we couldn't be happier. They're open and airy, not to mention incredibly cute. In fact, we love wearing these tank tops out with a pair of jeans and a bright colored sports bra peeking out. Whether it ties in the front, back, or just hangs loose, you can dress these tops up or down for every occasion. Threads 4 Thought makes loose tanks in fun designs that you can rock every day of your trip.

5. Fitted Tank

A fitted tank is not only great for hot yoga, but it also serves as an easy base layer for all weather. They fit comfortably under your shirt and jacket to add an extra layer on a chilly winter day. Or peel off your jacket and bare arms when the sun comes out.

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