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If you’re searching for the perfect luxury vacation rental, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for on Airbnb. Fortunately, there are a number of other sites that can help you book the vacation rental of your dreams. Want a hacienda in Mexico or a private island in the Caribbean? There are plenty of high-end vacation rentals on the market, you just have to know where to find them. To get your planning started, we’ve rounded up four luxury alternatives to Airbnb rentals.


If your vacation home’s design is as important as its location, BoutiqueHomes is for you. Listings are hand-picked by invite only and focus on architecturally interesting properties. Listings include everything from villas, cottages and cabins to boutique hotels and more. You can even search properties by architect. There are fewer listings than you’ll find on other sites, but the quality of the homes makes up for it. Have you ever wanted to stay in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? You can even book the Eppstein House in Galesburg, Michigan through BoutiqueHomes.


Inspirato handles luxury rentals a little differently than the other sites listed here. This membership-based private club leases its own properties. Properties undergo extensive renovations to fit Inspirato’s quality standards and are then listed exclusively for club member rentals. In addition, Inspirato partners with a number of high-end luxury brands — think, St. Regis — to offer exclusive use of suites in various destinations like Bali or Aspen.

There are multiple membership levels with Inspirato. The entry-level tier gives you discounted nightly rates, access to properties six months in advance, discounts on other top luxury hotels and a variety of services like pre-trip planning, daily housekeeping and on-site concierge. If you purchase the Family membership you get a premium complimentary trip, access to residences 12 months in advance as well as complimentary membership for parents and children.

Abercrombie & Kent Villas

Properties listed through Abercrombie & Kent Villas are personally vetted by a representative prior to inclusion on the A&K villa collection. Representatives also conduct regular inspections to ensure the villa quality remains the same. Abercrombie & Kent specializes in tailor-made travel experiences and is a well-respected brand in the luxury travel industry. They can help with a variety of other services as well, including car rentals, private drivers, yacht rentals, private chefs, guided tours and airport transfers.


onefinestay started in 2010 and was acquired by AccorHotels in 2016, but it remains an independent business within the company portfolio. The site features over 2,500 rentals and, unlike Airbnb, all rentals are overseen by the company. This means that there’s a team on call 24/7, and you receive a personal welcome upon arrival. Listings are handpicked, and each one is personally inspected to ensure it meets onefinestay’s quality standards. Only about one in every ten properties makes the cut, which means you can relax on your trip knowing your luxury rental is exactly like the photos you’ve seen online.

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