3 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts are Underrated

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Thanks to technology, a new wave of authentic home rentals and cool hostels are just a click away, revolutionizing the way we travel. But these hot rentals don't mean all-inclusive resorts will become a thing of the past. In fact, in the age of DIY travel, we're loving that these inclusive resorts take the stress out of planning and give us a vacation that really feels like a vacation. Whether you’re on a time crunch, coordinating a family, or seeking unabashed luxury, you should definitely keep all-inclusives on your vacation-planning radar.

1. Family Travel Is A Lot Easier

Once upon a time, you and your significant other could have slipped away for a quiet retreat and enjoyed the simplicity of doing nothing. While couples vacays are still in the cards, odds are, the bundles of energy you love so much don’t consider breakfast in bed and long walks ~vacation goals~.

All-inclusive resorts offer everything from water parks to kids clubs, all geared to give the younger crowd the vacation of their dreams, while giving parents the chance to enjoy lounging by the pool with a cold cocktail. Not to mention, exhausted kids means bedtime will come without a fight, creating quiet nights in or after-hours adventures.

2. Everything For the Person Who Hates to Plan

Add some spontaneity into your life! A dull weekend can become a no-stress adventure in a heartbeat thanks to all-inclusives. Planning a whole vacation at the last minute (or even weeks in advance for the fly-by-your-seat travelers) can be a massive pain.

These self-sufficient mini-cities offer multitudes of dining options, spa treatments, nightclubs, and many other activities that are available at a moment's notice. Because you can find anything and everything you need on site, all the planning becomes a non-issue. No need to fight with your significant other over forgetting to book a dinner reservation or activity. Instead, just focus on the real reason you're taking the trip in the first place - to unwind and have fun.

3. Treat Yourself and Get Pampered

Every once in awhile, you just need to kick back and relax. Start the decompression early by booking a luxury all-inclusive where every detail is perfectly painless. Saunas, sunrise yoga, 5-star restaurants, and room service will make you question why you would ever leave. Look for a resort with a minimum age requirement and enjoy uninterrupted, top-of-the-line bliss. Although the abundance of amenities seems as if it would cost an arm an a leg, websites like Seeqr offer dramatically discounted rooms, meaning that extra cash can go towards that deep tissue massage you forgot you needed.

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