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Thanks to technology, travel has become more accessible and easier than ever before. Thousands of apps have been created to alleviate the stresses that come with planning a trip. What will I pack? Where can I find the cheapest flights? How will I get around? Is it safe where I’m going? The difficult part is deciding which of these apps to give your precious storage space to.

We’ve combed through 2018’s top-rated apps for travel and have hand-selected our favorites! The best part? All of the apps listed are totally free! Unless you want to be fancy and upgrade to their premium options -- we won’t judge.

1. Memrise

Traveling globally can be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the language of a country or culture. Memrise lets you learn about different languages and cultures on-the-go with classes on a broad variety of topics in over 200 languages. Master Mandarin or declaim in Danish. Or at least learn some new phrases that can help you get around on you travels.

2. WiFi Map

Finding WiFi can be quite the struggle when you're adventuring around the world and let’s be honest, the last thing you need when you get back is roaming charges on your phone bill. WiFi Map highlights hotspots around your current location and provides the password! Of course, remember to be careful what data you access while using public WiFi. Stay safe out there!

3. Chatnbook

To put it simply, Chatnbook is basically Tinder for hotels. This app allows you to choose your preferences (free WiFi, ratings, etc.) and properties will appear with photos for you to like or dislike. The hotels that you’ve liked will then reach out to you with their best rates!

4. Walc

Walc is the perfect app if you like to explore destinations by, well, walking. Plug in the destination you are heading to and Walc will direct you by using easy-to-spot landmarks to guide your way! That way, if the street signs are confusing, you'll be able to navigate easier. That’s not all, this app offers a “Pocket Mode” that gives you step-by-step audio directions. Plug in your headphones and you won’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket.

5. MyPanda


MyPanda measures the security of an area using GPS. The app was founded as a response to the horrific 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, and alerts users to any threats of violence in their immediate area. In select cities (like New York City and Los Angeles) the app locates the nearest police station and gives you the fastest way to get there and the option to call authorities with one tap.

6. AirHelp

Have you ever had to cancel a flight last minute and the airline charged you an insane amount of money? AirHelp to the rescue! AirHelp is this amazing app that helps you get paid for your canceled, delayed, or overbooked flights! The average reimbursement is more than $500 per claim and AirHelp takes a 25% cut. Not a bad deal if you ask us!

7. SoloTraveller

We’ve all fantasized about traveling the world by ourselves at least once or twice but it can be a scary thought! SoloTraveller helps connect those brave individuals who dare to adventure alone. Use this app to plan sightseeing excursions, meals and even cab sharing with other solo travelers.

If you plan to travel as a singular sensation, check out our article on the Top 5 Places to Travel if You're Single

8. PackPoint

Packing - just another hassle when it comes to travel. Deciding what to pack and creating a list of everything you need can be time consuming! But what if you had an app to do that for you? This app allows you to input your destination and travel dates, and it will create a weather-specific packing list for you. PackPoint will also ask you what you plan to do there and create suggestions based off your answer. So this time you won’t forget to bring your swim trunks!

9. TripCase

If you like to plan everything ahead of time, TripCase is perfect for you. Keep track of your itinerary, reservations, and tickets in one simple app. It will track your flights and hotel reservations and update them in real time with changes. Organize your reservations by trip and stay organized with all your upcoming travel.

10. UnTappd

Beer drinkers, rejoice! This app will connect you with the best local brews on your travel. Discover bars, breweries, and other drinking venues nearby and get opinions on the local beers. Plus, you can create a list of beers you liked so you can reference them later.

11. OpenTable

Though only available in a few countries so far (United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia or Japan), OpenTable is a game-changing app for foodies. Make your reservations ahead of time at the top restaurants, our scour the reviews to find a new spot to try. Search by location, time, or cuisine to make all your dining plans in advanced.

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