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Spas have been around since 600 B.C., when ancient rulers had baths prepared for them to unwind. Today, spas continue to provide wellness for the body and spirit. In many cases, they are the central draw for a destination, bringing in visitors seeking a relaxing oasis. If you need some time to yourself to unwind, you might want to visit one of these 10 blissful spa towns.  

Sedona, United States

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With enchanting trails that wind past stunning red-rock buttes, Sedona has been steadily growing in popularity over the past several years. And while outdoor adventure is a major draw, many who come to Sedona have relaxation on the brain, and seek out the town's top-notch spa experiences and spiritual vortexes to realign the soul.

The star of the show is Mii Amo, inside the Enchantment Resort. This highly-rated, world-class spa offers guests a slew of treatment options, from facials to massages and beyond. For a more spiritual experience, visitors can seek out the wellness and meditation practices at Sedona Mago Retreat Center, to find alignment with the healing powers of Sedona's natural setting.

Montreux, Switzerland

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This traditional Swiss town is nestled between Lake Geneva and the Alps, a serene setting that welcomes visitors looking to unwind. Spots like Clinique La Prairie, one of the most prestigious medical spas in Europe, draw in visitors looking to be reenergized through weight-loss programs, detox treatments or just time to relax. Also worth a visit is Lavey-les-Bains thermal spa, which is fed by the hottest spring in Switzerland at the foot of the Alps.

Malaga, Spain

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The southern coast of Spain boasts bright, sunny weather and some of the Mediterranean's loveliest beaches. Malaga is one of the larger towns in this region, known for its flamenco, Moorish architecture and tapas. If you’re looking to relax in Malaga, you won’t have to search very hard. There are dozens of spas in this town, each catering to a specific clientele. The Finca Cortesin, for example, offers unique wellness treatments, like ice caves to cool off after time in a Finnish sauna. Or, get in touch with the city's Moorish culture by visiting the Arab baths at Hammam Al Andalus.

Udaipur, India

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Visitors looking to escape the hustle of India's larger cities like New Delhi and Mumbai should head west to Udaipur, in the state of Rajasthan. Lavish palaces, peacock mosaics and artificial lakes abound in Udaipur, as do opportunities to relax and unwind. For those wanting to experience one of the best aromatherapy sessions out there, The Spa, located in The Leela Palace, is the place to go. Visitors can also relax with yoga sessions which focus on battling stress and anxiety. Or get in touch with Eastern medical practices and find true healing at one of the many local Ayurvedic rejuvenation centers.

Alicante, Spain

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Known for its sun-drenched beaches, this Spanish town is packed with places to let go. One of the most popular ones is Sha Wellness Clinic, which visitors love for the weight-loss program and luxurious facilities. However, there are definitely more low-key options, too. If you’re just looking to relax, then +Qi is the right Alicante spa for you. Here you can stay in a nineteenth-century country house surrounded by mountains and springs. It’s a setting meant to help you disconnect, sleep well and recharge.

Haymana, Turkey

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If you want to experience a traditional Turkish bath, look no further. The wide array of springs in Haymana are volcanically heated and filled with healing sulfur. Take advantage and hop between the many spa choices where experts can guide you through the best ways to take advantage of these healing waters. One of the best spas to check out is Urofiz Termal Otel, which has its own private hot spring bath if you're looking for a secluded spot.

Vichy, France

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Vichy is one of the most famous spa towns in Europe, and for good reason. Just three hours south of Paris, this little gem of a town is scenic and serene, making it a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the waterfront spots. Enjoy thermal springs, scenic views and the peace and quiet you crave. There are many spas to choose from, but Les Celestins is one of the largest spas in Europe, with 44 treatment rooms dedicated to health, beauty and wellness.

Bad Zurzach, Switzerland

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This Swiss town feels straight out of a postcard, and its thermal baths serve as the biggest pull for visitors who want to wash their cares away. Bad Zurzach is only 30 minutes away from bustling Zurich, but it’s worth an overnight stay as most hotels offer complimentary spa treatments when you check in. The Hotel Zur Post is a great option, with sumptuous food and a charming terrace where you can relax between spa treatments.

Baden Baden, Germany

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Meet Germany’s favorite spa town. It's said that the spa-loving Romans called the town Aquae ("the waters") for its healing springs. If baths are your idea of a relaxing time, then you’ll love Baden Baden. The most famous spa here is Friedrichsbad, which is modeled on the Roman baths it was built over back in the 1800s. The marble and statues will provide an elegant flair before you step into whatever magical spa treatment you choose.

Baihe, Taiwan

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This town captures the very best of Taiwan. The rural town is set in a stunning natural setting offering visitors a chance to connect with lush, serene nature. From mud baths to hot springs, this spot has everything you need to become one with Mother Nature. If you want your own private hot spring bath, check out the Guanziling Lin Kuei Yuan Hot Spring Resort. Visit during the Lotus blooming season for an extra special experience.

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